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What Should The Plastic Granules Making Machine Pay Attention To When Installing The Production Operation? Jun 26, 2017

What should the plastic granules making machine pay attention to when installing the production operation?
 The normal operation of the plastic granules making machine depends in many respects on the level of wear of the roll. As long as the roll in a good condition, to achieve a higher consumption capacity and discharge qualified product size. Therefore, our factory advocates we should understand the impact of roller wear and the use of the operation should pay attention to the problem.
    Regularly check the roller skin wear conditions, in a timely manner to stop repair and change. In the broken ore, the roller is gradually worn. The main factors that affect the wear of the plastic granules making machine are the hardness of the ore to be treated, the strength of the roll material, the appearance and size of the roll, the operating conditions, the way of feeding and the size of the ore.
    The operating period of the roll and the process indicators of the roller work depend on the average level of ore (material) spread along the entire length of the roll. If the material is uneven, the roll is not only quickly worn, but also the appearance of the roll will appear ring gully. Thus broken product size is not uniform. Thus, in addition to the coarse plastic granules making machine, all the plastic granules making machine is equipped with ore generators, the length of the mine should be equal to the length of the roller to ensure the length of the roller along the average to the mine. At the same time, in order to continuously into the ore. The speed of rotation to the mine should be faster than the roller speed, about 1-3 times faster, in the operation of the crusher, but also pay attention to the size of the ore block to the ore block over the big, will produce violent Impact, roller wear serious, especially when crushed.
 With the construction of high, more and more extensive construction of sand, and sand making machine is the production of sand, gravel sand, gravel sanding special equipment, research and development of plastic granules making machine can be used for river pebbles, quartz Sand, granite, andesite and other ore production and processing, all kinds of rocks, gravel made of various sizes of construction sand, uniform size, pressure strength and high purity, non-impurities.
    For example, the use of river pebble production and construction of sand, plastic granules making machine strong protection of the construction industry, the supply of high quality construction sand, while plastic granules making machine for artificial sand production line greatly reduces the cost of artificial sand production.
Under normal circumstances, the plastic granules making machine in the production process requires a lot of water to clean the sand, resulting in the extravagance of water resources, and in the production process of the stone powder is also a scouring of mineral resources. Dry sand is not subject to water and environmental restrictions. In the absence of water resources can also be artificial sand, and the traditional wet production line must be in a water-rich place for sand, and in the northern winter is generally unable to produce, because the production of sand is not enough Water cleaning, sand inside the mud powder and stone powder too much, will seriously affect the grading of sand. Therefore, the user should take full account of this before purchasing the equipment.
At present, the use of plastic granules making machine production of artificial sand has been put into production and use, so for river pebbles, quartz sand, granite, andesite and other ore equipment processing also has a very good effect, effectively protect the national infrastructure The supply of high quality gravel aggregate.