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What Is The Benefit Of Adding A Frequency Converter For Waste Plastic Granulator Jun 05, 2017

plastic granules making machine What are the benefits of retrofitting the waste plastic granulator? Its main plastic granulator configuration Professional inverter parts work 180% of the low torque output, the output frequency of 600Hz to achieve the maximum speed motor control. Omni-directional detection of plastic recycling machine can be restarted when the actuator can be restarted, the momentary power failure, mechanical acceleration, deceleration, dynamic changes play a protective role. Automatic identification of the drive motor can ensure that the system stability and accuracy of another dynamic parameters, play a fast response speed, rich and flexible input and output interfaces and control, versatility, to ensure high quality results.

  plastic granules making machine Through the inverter, it can be summarized in a plastic recycling particle machine application function of the specific operational principles, the above analysis is:

  1, low torque, stable output.

  2, high precision control.

  3, high-performance vector control.

  4, more than one serial interface control.

  5, can replace the DC speed and servo control.

  The use of its well-configured plastic recycling equipment for particle-mounted equipment is very complex because it is directly related to the final handling of plastic particles. Is the inverter one of the components of the plastic recycled pellet machine and what effect does it have in plastic processing?