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What Are The Factors That Determine The Speed Of Running The Food Plastic Granules Making Machine Sep 13, 2017

What are the factors that determine the speed of running the food plastic granules making machine
The speed of the feed is very different from the temperature of the feed. In the practice of continuous exploration, to strive to keep the machine running the best state of the smallest sound. The main function of the brake system is: control and regulation of the main and auxiliary machine drag motor, output to meet the required speed and power, and the main and auxiliary aircraft to coordinate the work; detection and adjustment of the machine plastic temperature, pressure, flow; Control of the entire unit or automatic control.
The electrical control of the plastic granules making machine is divided into two parts: drive control and temperature control. The extrusion process includes temperature, pressure, screw speed, screw cooling, barrel cooling and product cooling.
As we all know, the industry is also a high energy consumption, high pollution industry, in order to develop well, must take the green line. Today's granulator industry has gone through the low-cost economic development trend, and the industry is actively exploring the development path of energy saving and environmental protection. This is not only the government at all levels need to further change the concept of things, but also need the majority of manufacturing enterprises need to further emancipate the mind, broaden their horizons, but also need to internationalize the strategic vision to deal with the development of the industry.
In modern life, plastic waste everywhere is a serious impact on the living environment of human habitation. Of course, in the continuous development of society, to produce a lot of plastic machinery and equipment - plastic mill is one of them.
Up to now, the Chinese market of plastic machinery consumption accounts for about 20% of the global market, has become the world's largest consumer of plastic machinery. 10 years is expected, China's demand for plastic machinery, the average annual growth rate of about 12%. This means that China's plastics machinery industry will be on the development of "highway". China's plastic mill, although compared with the developed countries, plastic machinery industry, there are still some gaps. But now China's plastic mill industry has begun to take shape, has a certain strength and further development of the foundation. At the same time all industries are using plastic machinery, advanced plastic machinery manufacturers tentacles, has long been directly into the consumer market.
The proper operation of the waste plastic granulation making machine is conducive to prolonging its life, but the use of the plastic granules making machine is not given enough attention in our daily lives, and it will cause some unnecessary problems. We are using plastic granules What are the problems when making a machine?
1, plastic granules making machine operation, the material temperature does not meet the set temperature, holding time is not enough, are not allowed to start running screw.
2, plastic granules making machine operation should be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, not in the non-operating station for illegal operation. To ensure the safety of the safety device, not for the pursuit of efficiency damage to the safety of the machine.
3, operated by operators who are trained and familiar with the structural performance and operating procedures.
4, pay attention to fire safety, fire extinguishers need to be used in the vicinity of the use of thermal oil equipment.
5, do not use metal impurities or sediment with low quality back to the material, near the feed port may not be placed into the metal objects, to prevent the screw, barrel wear or damage, resulting in damage.
6, the failure or abnormal circumstances must report the relevant personnel, and by professional maintenance personnel to deal with. If there are abnormal phenomena that affect the safety, immediately press the emergency stop switch.
The granulation site structure in the plastic granules making machine is the main pot in the auxiliary equipment of the extrusion cutting machine. The cutting machine according to its work and the role of different, can be divided into two parts of the eager and cooling, and eager can be divided into dry cut, water cut and underwater cutting and other structural methods, their specific working methods and application characteristics are as follows.
1, water ring cut off the water ring pellet production method is that the extruded strip material is immediately rotated by the blade pelletizing, and throwing attached to the inner wall of the granulation of high-speed rotation of the water ring, and then the water flow Material to the water separator dehydration, dry and then sent to the material cooling device cooling cooling, that is finished. This production method is suitable for the granulation of polyolefin materials.
2, dry cut dry pellet production method is to plastic granules making machine in the extrusion of the material immediately after the rotation of the blade cut into uniform length of the shape, and then by the fan through the pipe to the cooling material to the cooling, screening device. This pelletizing method is suitable for agglomeration of agglomerated vinyl.