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Waste Pet Bottle Recycling Machine Maintenance Inspection Sep 05, 2017

Waste Pet Bottle Recycling Machine maintenance inspection
1, for the sale of waste Pet Bottle Recycling Machine maintenance
Waste Pet Bottle Recycling Machine for normal operation, according to the rules and regulations to carry out daily and regular maintenance, regular maintenance, in the prescribed time on a number of mechanical equipment maintenance and repair, to clean, lubrication, adjustment, disintegration , Maintenance for the central content. Daily maintenance is mainly responsible for cleaning, fastening, lubrication, adjustment, corrosion, this is a daily inspection.
2, before the installation of equipment inspection
Waste Pet Bottle Recycling Machine is also composed of various components, before the installation, for the inspection of various equipment components, check the main steel structure, bearings, bolts, etc. on the situation, while the surface of the parts is corrosion, etc., this should be done A record for later inspection.
3, waste Pet Bottle Recycling Machine before the conditions of overhaul
Equipment overhaul, is that the equipment is very serious damage or damage is very serious, mechanical performance decreased significantly, this time is overhaul, such as mechanical power performance decreased significantly, increased fuel consumption, manipulation is not working, the sound abnormalities Or equipment has been unable to play under normal conditions of production performance, the adoption of a comprehensive and thorough recovery of the means of repair, this time, should be required to carry out overhaul, and arrange the progress of the work.
 Environmental protection industry is the world's most promising industry, never outdated, never out of date, always by the government policy 100% support; now, waste plastic pollution is serious, both a waste of resources, but also seriously pollute the environment. Pet Bottle Recycling Machine to give us the first step to bring good returns, never saturated the market, so that your investment to maximize the benefits. Pet Bottle Recycling Machine company invested a lot of manpower and material resources, is committed to environmental protection machinery development and manufacturing, access to a variety of technical patents.
It is a lot of small capital investment to build manufacturers of choice, product quality has been the market test, has been the user's praise. Perfect system guarantee, making the investment in environmental protection industry is a double insurance, so that waste plastic is no longer garbage, but renewable resources. Pet Bottle Recycling Machine revealed the establishment of waste plastic renewable particles plant, investment is small, easy to plant, plant covers an area of 45 square meters, 2-3 workers, to produce 18-100 tons of various models of equipment available for purchase.
Pet Bottle Recycling Machine production operation is simple
With the first-class elite team can come to plant service. Production operation is simple, people can be on-site production, satisfied enough after the machine. Three bags of products, charge d'affaires consignments, PET bottles of recycling equipment to take you to the road to success. Plastic granules to produce a wide range of plastic particles, waste plastic raw materials easy to obtain, the purchase price is low, generally in the 1800-3500 yuan / ton. (For more information on getting rich, please note: Pet Bottle Recycling Machine
Pet Bottle Recycling Machine is widely used, worry about sales
Recycled particles are a variety of waste plastic products as raw materials, the market demand, widely used, worry about sales, priced at 3900-9500 yuan per ton, the company can acquire all the products, cash settlement, batch approval. Pet Bottle Recycling Machine can be plastic film, woven bags, convenience bags, beverage bottles, plastic pots, old sandals and other processed into the market selling particles, the raw materials can be local materials, never dried up.
Home that the development trend of PET bottles in China is to move towards the combination of structure, specialization, serialization, standardization, compound, miniaturization, large-scale, personalized, intelligent direction, , Efficient requirements.
High-speed, high-yield Pet Bottle Recycling Machine, high-speed, high yield, investors can make a lower investment to obtain greater output and high returns. However, Pet Bottle Recycling Machine, high speed screw speed also brought a series of difficulties to be overcome: such as the material in the screw to reduce the residence time will lead to uneven mixing of materials, materials, excessive shear may cause material rapid warming And thermal decomposition, extrusion stability control difficulties will cause the extrusion geometry fluctuations, the relevant auxiliary devices and control system must improve the accuracy of the screw and barrel wear and tear need to wear high wear and ultra-high wear-resistant materials, Reducer and bearing in the case of high-speed operation to improve its life and other issues need to be resolved.