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The Use And Maintenance Of Plastic Granules Making Machine Jul 11, 2017

The use and maintenance of plastic granules making machine

plastic granules making machine is the main mechanical equipment used for making plastic products. Specifications of plastic granules making machine, structure, and the application is reasonable, the selection of the manufacturing quality will directly affect the length of the service life of plastic granules making machine, of high and low production efficiency and product quality, the corresponding also can affect the production cost of plastic products, so the application of plastic plastic granules making machine choice and use of maintenance should be caused take seriously.

1. Different specifications of extruded plastic granules making machine extruded molding products are used in different sizes, and the specification of plastic granules making machine is selected.

After the type and specification of the plastic granuer, it is also a concern to choose the equipment manufacturing plant

3. plastic granules making machine production line corresponding equipment and each machine work ability to match, do each equipment can give full play to its functions, to ensure production line equipment can coordinate work.

4. On the use of plastic granules making machine, to ensure that plastic granules making machine can work in the best condition for a long time, work for plastic granules making machine is equipped with corresponding operation skilled technical workers, is also an important guarantee of conditions. It is required that the production operator of plastic granules making machine should have skilled operation skills, plastic granules making machine and understand the structure of the equipment, the specifications and production capacity of the functional and processed products; It should also know how to maintain the equipment. For the use of new workers, they must be trained to memorize equipment operation procedures. Carry out actual operation training, after the examination is qualified, ability to work independently

5. The plastic granules making machine should have a good working environment. The equipment in the workshop should be protected against moisture, corrosion, pressure and sand prevention.

The production operation of plastic granules making machine should be noted

1) to check the machine before every plastic granules making machine drive up and down cylinder, hopper and internal presence of foreign bodies, check each part with or without fastening bolt looseness safety cover is strong, plastic granules making machine the push button switch position is correct, then add the lubricating oil in the lubrication parts, to do a good job of equipment cleaning and hygiene.

2) when preparing to drive, inform the staff around the equipment.

3) low speed drive screw rotation motor starting, check the main motor current meter pointer swing is normal work, such as equipment operation have abnormal sound or the phenomenon of screw is not smooth operation, should immediately stop, find relevant personnel maintenance solution.

4) no more than 3min shall be allowed to run the screw, and all normal post-installation mould shall be installed with the connecting bolt of the mould. A layer of molybdenum or silicone oil shall be coated before use for easy dismantling.

5) in the initial stage of feeding production, the screw has a minimum working speed and is expected to be less uniform, and it is always possible to check whether there is any abnormality in the rotation of the working current meter with the driving screw.

After the plastic granules making machine is engaged in normal production, the operator should check the temperature change in the bearing area regularly. When checking the temperature of the motor and the bearing parts, gently contact the inspection area with the back of the finger. Do not touch any rotating parts with your hands when working.

When removing, installing screw and mould, no heavy hammer is used to knock the parts directly. When necessary, the hardwood should be knocked down or installed.

8) to clean the residual material on the screw, cylinder and mould, it must be cleaned with bamboo or copper knife and brush, and no steel cutting tools shall be used to scrape the residue or to use fire barbecue parts.

9) when the plastic granules making machine fails, the plastic granules making machine is not allowed to operate. When the screw of plastic granules making machine turns and adjusts the mould, the operator must not face the extruder to prevent the accident from happening.