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The Importance Of Hydraulic System Of Plastic Granules Making Machine Aug 23, 2017

The importance of hydraulic system of plastic granules making machine
plastic granules making machine in the operation must pay attention to many aspects, including the use of plastic granules making machine parts and installation, as well as plastic granules making machine lubrication system, lifting system, silencer system and hydraulic system, these are Need to pay attention to the link, because a little part of the use of improperly easy to create the whole set of obstacles to the operation of the machine, so the entire system of each system maintenance of each link is also very important.
plastic granules making machine can be the original trip switch caused by the locomotive failure from 25% to 2% or less, the failure time from the original down to the present ten minutes, according to each month to save the inverter, the converter traction motor And other direct maintenance costs of 3,000 yuan, 15 cars per year can save the cost of consumption of 108,000 yuan.
As the light control switch after the installation of almost no need to replace the replacement of the trip switch, the annual reduction of the cost of travel limit switch million yuan in the energy storage tank, the feed between the rollers, the activities of the roller under the action of the hydraulic, The displacement occurs to form the appropriate roll gap so that the cake is compressed and the piston is pushed into the hydraulic cylinder due to the gradual increase in the roll gap, and the hydraulic oil is pressed into the accumulator, which causes the system pressure to rise in a short time High, by adjusting the proportional valve, the pressure can be maintained at the previous set value on the required working pressure or the pressure exceeds the limit value of the case, it must adjust the pressure, this adjustment and normal operation of the The adjustment procedure is the same as the setpoint of the proportional valve is set to raise the pressure in order to raise the system pressure to the working pressure. Before the system reaches the normal control pressure, there will be an adjustable delay time. The roller presses, after the roll press is stationary After a delay time, the proportional valve adjustment point is set to 0%, the hydraulic system pressure relief.
How to make your plastic granules making machine live longer
1, the use of plastic granules making machine in the process, there should be a fixed person in charge of care, the operator must have a certain level of technology, plastic granules making machine installed before the operation of the staff must be technical training to understand the plastic granules making machine Principle performance, familiar with the operating procedures.
2, in order to make plastic granules making machine normal work, should develop equipment "maintenance and safe operation system" in order to ensure long-term safe operation of plastic granules making machine, at the same time to have the necessary maintenance tools and grease accessories.
3, plastic granules making machine used for a period of time, should be overhauled at the same time on the grinding mill grinding blade and other wearing parts repair and replacement, roller device before and after the use of bolts and nuts should be carefully checked, whether there is Loose phenomenon, whether the addition of grease.
4, roller device used for more than 500 hours or so to re-replace the roller, the roller sleeve of the rolling bearing must be cleaned, the damage should be replaced, the fuel tool can be manually manual oil or grease gun.
plastic granules making machine, including the work of many aspects of the work, to think of more plastic granules making machine work principle, in addition to the plastic granules making machine have a certain understanding. It is necessary to understand the environment of the plastic granules making machine, the performance of the work, and the skills to master, so that it will be easier to grasp the use of plastic granules making machine.
The use of plastic granules making machine is very extensive, especially in the ore business. With the development of grinding technology, the market magic powder equipment has also developed a lot of types, such as plastic granules making machine, ball plastic granules making machine, crusher and so on. Under normal circumstances, the choice of enterprises for the plastic granules making machine must be very careful, we must understand the work of grinding equipment to select the appropriate plastic granules making machine. Now, Shanghai Keli Like Machinery Co., Ltd. and friends to explore together to know:
Experiments show that plastic granules making machine is a better plastic granules making machine, especially for the brittle mineral grinding. The equipment of the ore discharge faster, can quickly sink in the bottom of the ore slurry ore discharge, while effectively reducing the phenomenon of grinding, grinding media for the buffer effect is relatively weak, to ensure that the plastic granules making machine has sufficient production capacity. Grinding equipment for the choice of grading equipment also need to pay attention, such as the use of fine sieves and plastic granules making machine closed, strictly control the size of the mill products, and effectively avoid the "run thick" phenomenon.