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Plastic Granules Making Machine Recycling Of Plastic Granulation Resources May 11, 2017

  plastic granules making machine Plastic granulator was established in early 2005. Located in Yuyao China Plastics City, plastic granulator is a professional engaged in plastic granulation equipment R & D manufacturing enterprises, equipment is widely used in plastic recycling, plastic materials, such as modified industries. Since the creation of the company, in: first-class quality, quality service, adhere to the integrity-based, customer first, and constantly blaze new trails to solve the plastic production process of many problems. Continue to provide customers with advanced and reliable products.

      plastic granules making machine Protect the recycling of environmental resources development of circular economy continue to develop new areas of plastic equipment

      Always adhere to the customer satisfaction for the purpose of constant pursuit, is willing to provide you with better products and services.

All products company to implement life-long maintenance services, customer satisfaction is our wish

   plastic granules making machine More than 10 years of hard work and struggle, plastic granulator achievements of the credibility of the supremacy, excellent quality, service intimate, renowned around the "Branch good" brand, but also out of a high-tech products, economic and environmental protection sustainable development "Section Good "characteristics of the road for China's green environment and machinery manufacturing industry development and prosperity has made outstanding contributions.

  plastic granules making machine And the machine in the actual production process than the approved standard output even higher. Plastic granulator we are committed to "good faith, quality win" principle, less talk about dry, with high-quality products return customers. Buy Shimen presses, investment assured to make a fortune. Waste use, smooth people to enrich the people. The factory production of "SM Shun Min" waste plastic granulator from 80 to 200 (monthly production from 8 tons -180 tons) five series of 29 models.

   plastic granules making machine The main products are plastic granulation machinery, plastic crusher, automatic feeding machine, plastic grinding machine, plastic pelletizer, electromagnetic heating, such as a full set of equipment. Mainly for individual entrepreneurs, paper mills, packaged with plants, woven bags factory customer groups, we are a set research and development design, production, processing, sales and service in one of the strength of the plastic machinery manufacturers, for each customer friend Complete one-stop service system to solve the customer's worries.

More than 20 years, the plastic granulator along with the development of plastic machinery industry, with our strong strength of the company, reliable product quality, quality after-sales service, and gradually get the industry's unanimously approved and customers continued praise!