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Plastic Granules Making Machine? Extrusion Pellet Using The Process Of What Jun 08, 2017

plastic granules making machine Extrusion pellet using the process of what

The granular structure of the extruded granulator is the main pot in the auxiliary equipment of the extrusion cutting machine. According to their work and the role of different, can be divided into two parts of the eager and cooling, and eager can be divided into dry cut, water cut and underwater cutting and other structural methods, their specific working methods and application characteristics are as follows.

1, plastic granules making machine? water ring cut off the water ring pellet production method refers to the plastic granulator extruded strip material was immediately rotating the blade pelletizing, and cast to the shear wall attached to the high-speed rotation of the water ring, and then the water flow Material to the water separator dehydration, dry and then sent to the material cooling device cooling cooling, that is finished. This production method is suitable for the granulation of polyolefin materials.

2, dry and dry pellet production method refers to the plastic granulator in the extruded strip immediately after the rotation of the blade cut into a uniform length of the shape, and then by the fan through the pipe to the cooling material to the cooling, screening device. This pelletizing method is suitable for agglomeration of agglomerates.

3, plastic granules making machine? cold pelletized cooling particles refers to the granulation machine plastic granulation machine after mixing the material, from the barrel before the molding die in the molding sheet material, first fall into the water in the cooling and cooling after the coiling, and then And then special pelletizer pelletizing. This extrusion cut pull production methods, suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, polyethylene terephthalate raw materials mixed with the bit.

4, underwater cut water under the pellet production method refers to the plastic granulator extruded strip into the water immediately into the water cooling down Ju, and then cut into pull material. And then by the circulating water to the centrifugal dryer to the dehydration, dry operation. This cut more suitable for more than twin-screw plastic granulator mixing raw materials pelletizing for the larger batch of the most production.