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Plastic Crusher Machine Price And What Factors Sep 25, 2017

Plastic Crusher Machine price and what factors
1.Plastic Crusher Machine out of the mold after the arrival of the box to check the packaging intact: out of the box after the packing list, out of the box check. The use of manuals and other technical documents, according to the contents of the list of inventory set up the whole die, accessories, special tools.
2. Half of the extrusion die technical requirements and status of its molding parts generally use stainless steel and other materials with corrosion resistance, extrusion molds in particular when the extruded material for the modified PVC. To ensure a certain life. There should be no bruises, scratches, burrs, attachments, and rust. The appearance of the die, the mold and its parts should be smooth. Try to prevent cross-section of the mutation and stagnation area. The die runner system should be gentle along the melt flow direction. The reciprocating error of the corresponding position between the molds is not more than 0.03mm. Its local gap shall not be greater than 0.02mm
Under normal circumstances Plastic Crusher Machine water vapor systems should not collide with each other. Extruded molds Molded pipe fittings, stencils for the cooling system, Vacuum systems should normally be that do not leak. Vacuum fittings should have obvious signs and shall not affect the connection of the piping.
 Plastic Crusher Machine is mainly used for processing waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, beer bag, bag, etc.), woven bags, agricultural convenience bags, pots, barrels, beverage bottles, furniture, daily necessities, etc. In most of the common waste plastic, waste plastics recycling industry is the most widely used, the most widely used, the most popular plastic recycling machinery processing.
Plastic Crusher Machine The principle of deceleration, screw speed changes by adjusting the motor speed. The motor is usually rotated at a speed of about 175 r / min, but this is too fast for a pelletizer screw. If such a fast speed of rotation, it will produce too much friction heat, and the plastic retention time is too short and can not prepare a uniform, very good mixing of the melt. The typical reduction ratio is in (10: 1) - (20: 1). The first stage can be either a gear or a pulley block, but the second stage is geared, and the screw is positioned at the center of the last large gear.
 Plastic Crusher Machine is to add different additives to the resin according to different purposes, heating, stirring, extrusion molding, the resin raw materials for the secondary processing of granular products for the unit. As the global petrochemical industry is growing rapidly, the demand for Plastic Crusher Machine is increasing rapidly, and Plastic Crusher Machine is becoming more and more large, and the mechanical stability and energy saving requirements of the unit are becoming more and more important. high. Resulting in difficulties in the supply of granulator, the main reason for the extension of the delivery period is due to increased demand.
With the increasingly serious environmental and energy, Plastic Crusher Machine development prospects, many enterprises in the pioneering and innovative, keep making progress, in recent years has developed a twin-screw Plastic Crusher Machine, the world's first water granulator and other domestic first-class green Environmental protection machinery. For domestic and foreign enterprises to provide a good and effective plastic recycling and technical support. For the enterprise to save a lot of costs, greatly reducing the waste of materials and environmental pollution.
What is the development prospect of the Plastic Crusher Machine? Data from recent years, China's Plastic Crusher Machine production and the world level close, but Plastic Crusher Machine technically compared with foreign countries have a big gap. In the import and export data can be seen in China's high-end Plastic Crusher Machine imports is the domestic Plastic Crusher Machine output value of about twice, indicating that foreign advanced technology Plastic Crusher Machine in the country is still more advantages, especially in a professional technology on.
China Plastic Crusher Machine Is there no way out? This is not the case, the country on the domestic terms, a lot of plastic production and processing operations for the demand for plastic particles at the intermediate level, the requirements are not very high, in the market, so still in the low-end Plastic Crusher Machine use, so this Or a big market.