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Maintenance And Cleaning Of Pet Washing Machine Nozzle Jul 03, 2017

Maintenance and cleaning of pet washing machine nozzle

When the products are evenly stained in different places, the instructions are caused by the color residue that flows out of the nozzle channel or the gate of the mold. The nozzle should be inspected and cleaned.

The general cleaning process is as follows:

(1) prior to cleaning, it should be used for cleaning materials of polyolefin resin or cylinder with high thermal stability, and then cleaning the residual material in the cylinder. (several times for air injection)

(2) return the injection device to the final position.

(3) shut off the heating system of the material, unplug the heating ring connection plug and the thermocouple joint.

(4) remove the barrel cover.

(5) move the screw to the front (manual)

(6) turn off the total power supply.

(7)pet washing machine loosen the front cylinder fastening screw and remove the front material cylinder and nozzle. Protective gloves and protective glasses should be worn in order to prevent burns.

(8) lateral material from mouth to mouth thread between the lining and drip into the release agent, remove the residual melt inside the nozzle, brass wire brush to clean the nozzle, before the machine barrel, and then use gauze to clean up the surface polishing wipe gently. If the residual material is cleaned, we can use the oven to soften it and remove it. The head of the screw should also be checked for damage.

(9) after cleaning up, reload the pieces.

1. Operators must be trained in the use of equipment and can operate the machine after being familiar with the equipment structure, performance and operation procedures. washing machine Do not operate a machine at the same time except for installing the mould.

3, during the period of equipment operation, to keep an eye on the original state of machine, found strange, should immediately after tight stop button, shut off the main power supply, if the device has no exception to equipment to open it.

4. When the machine is running, do not contact the machine's movement, heating and live parts.

5,pet washing machine cylinder from greenhouse heating to the required working temperature, about 30 min, the cylinder with residual cold material conditions, the heat preservation for 15 min, the screw can be charging, to ensure that the cold material fully melted. In case the screw is damaged, the temperature of the cylinder can not be set before the temperature of the process is set, and the pre-plastic-motor can not be started. If it is easy to start, the equipment can be damaged.

June, in order to prevent the screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel inner surface scratch and damage the screw or cylinder, in the absence of material under the condition of idling running, unfavorable use high rotational speed of screw, large PET bottle washing line best control under 30 r/min, small PET bottle washing line should not be more than 60 r/min. When the raw material is filled with the screw slots, the rotation speed will be raised to the required speed.

7. Before the injection process, if the hydraulic oil temperature is below 40 degrees, preheat it.

After the machine begins to operate, the valve of the cooler is opened gradually, and the water is adjusted in the process, so that the temperature of the hydraulic oil is controlled below 55 degrees.

9. Do not keep the mould in the mould position for a long time, so as not to cause the connecting rod pin shaft and the steel jacket to break the oil, so that the mould cannot be opened. washing machine The part of the connecting thread of the heating and plasticizing parts, such as the cylinder and screw rod, shall be connected to the thread. The thread should be used to heat up the grease to prevent it from being unpacked because of the high temperature. washing machine In the case of an empty injection, the operator shall not directly clean the outflow of molten material by hand, nor shall the head be directly to the nozzle port.

12. Do not alter or remove any safety devices and safety signs without authorization.

13. The first use and long-term use of the machine, after the oil pump is started, will be operated for a few minutes.