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Injection Molding Machine Screw Barrel Disassembly Guidance Jun 05, 2017

Screw and Barrel Injection Molding Machine Screw Barrel Disassembly Guidance. When the injection molding machine screw barrel to a certain extent, in particular, production and glass fiber engineering materials will seriously wear the screw and the barrel components, resulting in injection molding instability, fail to meet the product requirements, you need to replace the screw assembly or the entire screw Tube group. In the disassembly of the screw barrel to be prepared to remove the special tools, a few iron or steel (diameter<diameter p="" barrel.<="" the="" of="" top="" in="" iron="" rectangular="" advantage="" take="" to="" two="" screw,="" for="" molding),=""

  Screw and Barrel First, the whole set of screw barrels Disassembly method: (for most of the horizontal injection molding machine)

  1, the barrel temperature rose to the appropriate temperature (according to the time required to produce the material required to stop)

  2, plus cleaning materials (such as PP material), then the material within the barrel of all material (including PP material) and keep the barrel temperature

  3, before the demolition of the mold should be removed first, open to the largest mold to the maximum, the screw can be removed from the mold area (preferred way).

  4, if the seat back to the maximum stroke or can not remove the screw and barrel, you can loose seat set screw

  5, screw loose back to the last.

  6, remove the radio cover or shot the protective cover.

  7, off the total power.

  8, remove the nozzle and the flange on the heating ring and the temperature line.

  9, remove the screw tail set screws, remove the half ring, do screw back off fixed shaft, remove the fixed screw, dial out the key

  10, remove the nozzle, remove the fixing screw, and remove the flange

  11, the screw to the front of the barrel to move out the screw head with a removable wrench pull the screw tail, with a special wrench pull the screw head (Note: the screw head for the left thread.)

  12, forward the screw (take a slightly smaller diameter than the screw iron bar, placed between the end of the screw and the back of the shot with the shot between the top of the action) to remove the entire screw,

  Note: If you only change the screw assembly, you can now replace the screw by reverse step; if you want to change the cylinder and then continue the following steps.

  13, the barrel tail lock nut knocked out.

  (Where the barrel and the machine connected with the fixed way is not the same, disassembly method is not the same, when disassembled according to the actual situation)

  14, remove the barrel on the heating ring heating wire with the temperature line, each with a heating ring heating wire, have to use the plastic tape to wrap the thread,

  So as to avoid the subsequent operation of the machine, the leakage caused harm to the person. Loosen the heating ring screws, remove the heat ring.

  15, start the machine, then the electric temperature should be transferred to the panel shows the actual temperature. Start the motor, (take two symmetrical iron,

  Placed between the end of the barrel and the rear plate of the shot with the injection action to the top of the barrel) and then use the crane to suspend the barrel, so that all the separation of the cartridge injection seat.

  16, finishing the machine and put the relevant parts - completed.

  Second, re-install the screw barrel, according to the reverse of the demolition step and in turn to install the components.

  Installation Precautions:

  1. To the bolt thread and screw head rib surface evenly coated with high temperature anti-tightening paste, to prevent the future does not come out.

  2. Screw type confirmation.

  3. Install the screw head to confirm that the front and rear end faces of the anti-ring meson coincide with the end face of the screw.

  4. Note that when the screw into the barrel when the reverse ring to hold the hand gently push, to prevent the reverse ring hanging to the barrel end.

  5. Note that the screw head is tightened in the counterclockwise direction. (Anti-rib)

  6. Screws must be strength grade 12.9 grade high-quality bolts, to the screw thread surface coated with high temperature anti-tightening paste.

  7. The front flange and the cylinder screw must be symmetrical even tighten

  8. Cartridge cooling system to clean up, to ensure smooth. Pay attention to the proper use of the raw material tape, wrapped around the process plug.

  9. Install the water inlet and outlet water and pressure test, 0.8Mpa pressure does not leak.

  10. Heating ring installation Note: core is not exposed, plastic skin is not tight, tighten the screws

  11. It is best to have two people with the screw barrel assembly disassembly operation, be sure to remind each other to pay attention to safety