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How To Solve The Problem Of Plastic Granules Making Machine? Oct 24, 2017

How to solve the problem of plastic granules making machine?
If the production process is not caused by the network, you can try: 1. Increase the die temperature, 2. Reduce the heating temperature of the first two exhaust ports, produce about 30 minutes, if the problem did not change significantly, that is mechanical design problems. The reason is that after the exhaust, before the die, the positive pressure is not enough to cause the machinery is easy to take the glue from the exhaust, the solution: If this is the case, there is no other way to re-design a new set of screw / Barrel slightly!
The main part of the plastic granules making machine is extruded, which consists of an extrusion system, a drive system and a heating and cooling system.
plastic granules making machine is a plastic machinery recycling equipment, in the process of handling plastic granules making machine, there will be a variety of failures, affecting the normal operation of plastic machinery production, in the face of plastic granules making machine In the case of a failure, first of all we have to analyze the failure of the plastic granules making machine, and why this happens, and finally to solve the failure of the granulator according to the situation.
Because the founder of renewable plastic particles factory is less dangerous, the size of the investment can be, into the door is also low, you can start from a production line, you can also purchase multiple sets of equipment scale production. But the profit is high, so in the future there will be more and more factory building, which for the recycling of plastic granules making machine equipment manufacturers, is undoubtedly a major business opportunities.
China's waste plastics recycling rate is not high, waste plastic recycling plant is not much, in particular, uneven distribution, most of the local almost vacant; another angle China's industrial development in recent years, the market boom, large plastic market has dozens , Waste plastic particles has always been in short supply, the price of a rise and then up, so the disposal of waste plastic particles will become the future development of hot, as the main processing machine waste plastic granules making machine will have a vast customer base.
the recovery of waste plastics prices than in recent years continue to rise in the price of plastic raw materials to come to the low, in the country's strong support, the recurrence of plastic packaging, plastic raw materials, plastic raw materials, The new type of granules making machine continues to be optimized to achieve full, solid and smooth plastic material. Finded drafts. round Rhithers. Points of hearts Rhithericulates Finds.ither currencies calling Us rounds.ithers.
However, in the face of serious energy and environmental challenges, China has recently adopted a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology, developed by 2020 long-term energy and technology development strategy and development plan, this energy and environment development strategy , But also for the development of China's plastic granules making machine technology direction, to explore the plastic granulation making machine technology development path is imperative. Compared with other operational aspects of industrial and agricultural production, energy saving and prevention of infection are particularly urgent.
With the prevalence of energy-saving low-carbon wind, the community's demand for recycled plastics has gradually increased, and then driven by the development of foam granulator, its comprehensive development is expected in the near future to complete the break into a butterfly, Will be in the "big fine" forward, in the plastic granules making machine technology to explore the new development path, the energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality should be considered in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and can be maintained to develop.
The progress of technology is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. In recent years, waste plastics processing, recycling, has been the world's attention, China is no exception, policy support is the development of renewable plastic granules making machine, in addition to
The advantage of recycling itself also keeps it going.