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Film Blowing Machine Performance Introduction Dec 07, 2016

Film blowing machine to put plastic particles melt back into films, film blowing machine-many, PE,POF,PVC, and so on. With new particles blown out new material, color, clean, bag stretched well.

1. screw adopts the most advanced alloy spray technology, precision machining, hardness higher, better resistance to corrosion and long service life are nitrided screw life two or three times;

2. screw length diameter ratio, plasticizing ability, temperature distribution, automatic temperature control, bright uniform products using properties of blown film is good;

3. Compact, smooth, single-arm structure, economical and practical, and self-adjusting traction device integration movements;

4. Advanced inverter technology, high efficiency and energy saving;

5. the curly variety, can be chosen arbitrarily;

6. spin needs to be configured by the user.