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Extruder Gearbox Manufacturing A Full Set Of Technical Strength And More Advanced Testing Methods May 15, 2017

extruder gearbox The company is specialized in producing: Guomao reducer, Changzhou Guomao reducer, motor integrated private enterprise group, founded in 1993, is headquartered in Changzhou Wujin National High-tech Zone West Lake Road No. 111.

The company always adhere to the "scientific, harmonious, win-win, first-class, sustainable" development concept, a comprehensive around the "people-oriented, warm home" core culture, closely abide by the "pursuit of perfect quality, and always meet customer" quality policy, Enhance the brand connotation, build economies of scale.

Now, is already with total assets of over 2 billion yuan, covers an area of 630,000 m2, more than 2,300 employees at headquarters, the national sales of more than 100 companies, the total number of employees more than 3,500, 2011 reducer to achieve annual sales value of over 20 Billion, the total trade volume of over 3.5 billion yuan of China General Machinery Industry by the top of the machine industry.

    extruder gearbox Since the venture, the company was honored. Especially proudly: "Trademark was identified as China's well-known trademarks; glory access to China's 20 years of development of variable speed machine industry," outstanding contribution award "; success as a high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, the safety of production enterprises, Jiangsu Province, safe enterprises, Jiangsu Province, corporate culture, advanced construction of enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, the construction of advanced enterprises, , Changzhou five-star star enterprises.

At present, the company has a single production from the past, "common reputation" brand series cycloid reducer, extruder gear box to the development of the current standard series, dedicated series, large and medium non-standard series, new series, high precision drive more than a dozen Series of 10,000 varieties of reducer, with 120 million units of various types of industrial reducer and 800,000 Y2 series squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor production capacity, with a non-standard reducer research and development, design, manufacturing a full set Technical strength and more advanced testing methods.

    extruder gearbox At present, the company has a complete quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system of the three sets of certification, and has introduced from Germany Niles forming grinding machine, from Japan to introduce OKUMA horizontal machining center, extruder gear box gear detection Center and coordinate measuring instrument, such as a large number of domestic and foreign advanced equipment and testing equipment. Perfect management system, sophisticated advanced equipment, high-quality workforce, coupled with the major cities in more than 100 sales companies to implement the network services, great to meet customer needs.

   extruder gearbox At present, the company prepared in the Wujin National High-tech Zone covers an area of more than 50 million m2 of the larger modern "reducer and motor R & D and manufacturing base" has been towering, the latter part of the 130,000 m2 project is also put into construction. As a result, a new benchmark high in the national reducer industry magnificent tree!