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Analysis Of Extrusion Process Of Screw And Barrel Jun 16, 2017

Analysis of Extrusion Process of Screw and Barrel

Although the shape of the Screw and Barrel barrel is not complicated, but the plastic extrusion process in the Screw and Barrel barrel on the changes are quite complex process. Under normal circumstances, with the Screw and Barrel barrel speed is different, the material on the Screw and Barrel barrel to stay only one minute less than or at least a few minutes. But in such a short period of time, in addition to the side with a Screw and Barrel barrel pump should be completed by the delivery effect, there are pressure generation, energy transfer and conversion, plastic with the temperature rise from the glass The change of gas, the mixing of each component, the melting pressure and the temperature uniformity, and finally the constant pressure quantitative extrusion. There is also a process of polymer polymerization on the Screw and Barrel barrels of certain extruders. Therefore, although the quality of the extrusion process and the other parts of the extruder are directly related to the quality of the Screw and Barrel barrel design quality is better than the quality of the extruded productivity and product quality is good or bad. People say the Screw and Barrel barrel for the heart of the extruder, this analogy is not too much. Therefore, it is necessary to have a preliminary and comprehensive understanding of the extrusion process on the Screw and Barrel barrel before the formal analysis and discussion of the extruder theory and the Screw and Barrel barrel design. After the plastic is added to the hopper, it depends on its own weight or under the push of the feeder to enter the space of the Screw and Barrel groove of the Screw and Barrel barrel.

In summary, any of the Screw and Barrel cylinders must complete five basic functions of conveying, compressing, melting, homogenizing and venting. We refer to the quality of plastic plastic is good or bad, not only the plastic melting situation is good or bad, but also should include the melt compression is relatively dense, uniform and no bubbles and other concepts. Facts have proved that: plasticization and transportation is the process of unity in the extrusion of the two aspects of the transport too fast may cause plasticization, and Mandarin emphasizes the plasticization is also possible to reduce the amount of extrusion and thus the productivity of the Screw and Barrel barrel. Our goal is to both high yield and delivery quality and good quality.

 Plastic machinery factory production of Screw and Barrel barrel, from the material, characteristics, etc. can be divided into: full hard Screw and Barrel barrel, stainless steel Screw and Barrel barrel, halogen-free Screw and Barrel barrel, double alloy Screw and Barrel barrel tube, nitriding Screw and Barrel barrel Wait. Although the types of Screw and Barrel barrels, but its structural parameters and geometric shape is worthless.


In order to facilitate the understanding of the extrusion theory, the common Screw and Barrel barrel structure parameters, the relationship between the parameters described below. Figure 3-2 is a common single Screw and Barrel barrel, the main parameters are: Screw and Barrel barrel diameter D; aspect ratio L / D; groove depth h1 and h3; thread lead t and pitch s; thread head number i ; The axial width of the groove B and the axial width of the bolt.