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What is a bimetallic barrel? Dec 07, 2016

Different types of high wear resistance, or high corrosion-resistant alloy materials combined in the barrel (tube or as Sol) within the surface layer, Alloy material thickness General reached 2.0~3.0 mm, Los's hardness General for 60 degrees or above, again after special mechanical processing and into of machine tube, that for double metal machine tube; and double metal screw rod is is in its screw ribs of specific work surface, or in its whole screw ribs face, composite a layer thickness General for 1.0~2.0 mm of special alloy (alloy of Los's hardness General for 58 degrees above), by special mechanical processing and into of screw rod.

Bimetal double metal barrel and screw the unique advantage is that it than plain nitriding machine barrel screw high sale prices less than 1 time, theoretical service life for ordinary nitriding machine barrel screw 4 times or more, price is significant.