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Water Cooling System Reducer Gearbox

Water Cooling System Reducer Gearbox



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1.ZLYJ series speed reducers are high precision hardening tooth flank transmission part with thrust bearing housing. They are designed for plastic screw-rod extruder according to JB/T9050.1-1999. The gears and axes are made of high strength alloy steel. The gears are manufactured by way of carburizing hardening, precision grinding. Its precision is up to Grade 6(JB/T9050.1-1999.). Hardness of tooth flank is HRC54-62.


2.Thrust bearing is in front of output hollow shaft to accommodate screw-rod back pressure forces. Bearings, oil seals and some other standard units are quality products and they can also be imported goods to meet customers' requirements. This kind of speed reducer has the characteristic of small volume, high load capacity, stable transmission, low noise, high efficiency. They properties reach levels of foreign products of the same kind and it can take place of them. 

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3.Working Conditions: 

1. Input shaft rotation speed is not more than 1500r/min. 

2. Its ambient temperature range is within 0 to 35 centigrade. If it is lower than 0 centigrade, pre-heating of the lubricant will be necessary before start-up, while cooling is suggested in case of a temperature higher than 35 centigrade.



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